Recipes? - yes I've been known to cook occasionally.  Here are some of the recipes that I like.  If you like them and use them or pass them along just let me know.  It'll be interesting to see where these end up.

Asparagus Roll-Ups
Banana Rumake
Beef Brisket
Beef Burgandy Phelan
Beef Burgugnon
Beer Batter
Blender Mayonnaise
Boston Baked Beans
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Cherry Cobbler
Chicken and Ham Bake
Chocolate Bourbon Balls
Chocolate Crinkles
Crab Puffs Supreme
Cranberry Relish
Grilled Marinated Flank Steak
Herbed Shrimp with Basil Mayonnaise
The Kings Grilled Tenders
Phelan Chili 2012
Chili - Quick & Easy
Lamb Chop marinade
Good Eats Meatloaf
Marinated Coleslaw
Mushroom Souffle
Mushroom Spread
New Potato Salad Almandine
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Perfect Pecan Pie
Perfect Prime Rib
Pork Rib Rub #4
Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour pan sauce with Bacon & Tomatoes
Quick Pizza Crust
Pumpkin Pie
Shrimp Fritters
Tomato, Bacon and Basil salad
Flank Steak (or pork or chicken) with Mustard Caper sauce

Everything in the database.

The Cookbooks

Most of these recipes come from Junior League and other cookbooks that I've collected as a travel.  Here are some of my favorites:


R R R - Rich's Resturant Rules

Over the years I've developed a set of rules to help me enhance my dining experience.  Try them out and see if you don't have more fun as well.  Read them here.