Just plain good stuff

Want to know how much to sell that photograph for? Check here.

Some very nice examples of how to use photography to interpret rather than describe what we see.

Luminous Landscape has lots of tutorials and a great series of articles titled "Understanding..". One of the best for the digital photographer is the one on "Understanding Histograms"

Ever want to copyright your images? The U. S. Copyright Office has instructions. It's inexpensive ($30) and allows you to recover punitive damages if your images are misused.

Fine Art Photography / Gallery and Forum - examples of many of the masters. You'll need a high speed connection for this one.


Photoworkshop digital learning center. Check out the links to the other vendors at the bottom of the page in Photoworkshop!

Trevor Morris has put together a very useful summary of all of the Photoshop shortcut keys.

Converting a color image to B&W - a simple explanation from photo.net. This is the same methodology that I discovered by trial and error and now use for my black and white prints.

Memory cards

Digital cameras need memory cards and their performance can affect your's. Rob Galbraith maintains a database of memory card performance in different cameras. Read it before you buy one for your camera.

Ever wonder where to get those wonderful clear bags to protect your mouted prints? clearbags.com has a very large assortment at reasonable prices. Go for the Protective Sealing Bags that have the adhesive strip on the bag and not the flap so that you don't have the risk of your print sticking to the bag.

One of the first site I found several years ago was by Wayne Fulton titled A few scanning tips. What an understatement. I ended up purchasing his printed copy of the information and learned a lot.

Here's a good analysis of printing resolution and what you really need.

Nikon has a very good article on explaining white balance.

Dry Creek Photo has printer profiles for labs in your area (Cord, Costco and Sam's in my area) as well as other color management information.

Internet based printing services: White House Custom Color / Mpix I've not tried either of these yet but I'll let you know the results when I do. I'm still printing my own or using Costco but I'm going to need some larger sizes later this year for the State Fair.

Ever wonder how to handle and store CDs and DVDs? The National Institute of Standards and Technology Digital Preservation program has released a guide to the care and preservation of these media. There is both a full report and a one page summary.

For the business cards that I make, I've created a layout for use with the picture package feature of Photoshop. It will put 10 2"x3.5" business cards on a single 8.5"x11" page. Install the file in your \Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Layouts directory. I've tested it on v7, CS (v8) and Elements 1 & 2 as well.

Air travel with photographic equipment. Here's what the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has to say. Also information on transporting film on airplanes.

If you're into panoramic photography start here - Panoguide

The FBI has an interesting article on the comparison between film and digital as well as photographic techniques for various applications in crimimal justice.

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