I'm going to be careful with this one after all photography isn't about the gear, it's about the images. However, while the gear can help get the better image the most important equipment is still a few inches behind the camera.

With that said, here's some of my stuff.

Cameras:  Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 1Ds, 30D, Rebel XTi, 1n, 1V, and Elan IIe with lots of lenses. The Digital Rebel XT, 20D, 10D and Elan 7e have been 'retired'. I've also an SD700IS and an S200 that was my first digital camera that my daughter is now using.  I also have an old Vivitar 250/SL that leaks a little light and my fathers Clarus MS-35.

(How do I clean the sensors on all those DSLRs?  Check out this tutorial on PBase.)

Studio lights - Alien Bees B800's. Here's an interesting look at their insides. These are very economical lights for the beginner. Not as robust or small as some of the much more expensive systems. These come from Paul C. Buff of White Lightning fame. To eliminate the sync cord and give me more freedom I use the Pocket Wizard Plus system. This works nicely with my Sekonic L-358 flash meter that has an internal transmitter for the Pocket Wizards to trigger the flash units for level testing. I've also adapted the remote cable release for my 10D to plug into the receiver so that I can remotely trigger my camera.

My tripod is a Gitzo Explorer G2220. I'll also use a Manfrotto 3021BPro for macro work. I've with several heads including a 303 QTVR panorama head with the leveling center column. Almost as obsessive about them as I am camera bags!

For printing I use the Epson Epson 4800 after having had an Epson 2200 and R1800. Altex appears to have the best prices on ink but I still get most of my ink from Roberts here in town. Most of the time I use Ilford Gallerie Papers and the profiles that they supply for their papers. For keeping the 4800 clean many suggest using the puddle cleaning method. Here's the pad to fill up with water for soaking.

I find that the Ilford papers are very good and less expensive than the Epson papers.  My current favorite paper is Harman Photo Baryta FB. Simply amazing results and as some say - better than the darkroom with the K3 inks (Epson 4800!).

For color fastness of the prints check out Wilhelm Labs and Stephen Livick's sites.

For scanning negative and slides I use a Nikon LS-4000 scanner. Here's how to open it up to clean the mirror. I recently got the SF-200 slide feeder and while it has it's quirks it works well. There's an interesting discussion on adapting it for more reliable operation.

New Section - DARKROOM

Yes - I'm making the transision to wet printing! I now own a Beseler Model 45-MXII/Dichro enlarger with a 50mm f2.8 and 80mm f4 Rodagon lenses. I also picked up a Seal Jumbo 150 dry mount press. I got them all at Jack's Camera in Muncie, IN. While I was there they only had 2 enlargers out but noted that they 'had a basement full of enlargers'.  Currently in storage due to space restrictions in the apartment, I'll get it back in productions once I'm back in a house!

Good stuff that I don't have:

Any kind of flash sync cord that you can think of and some that you never would have: Paramount Cords

Also I don't have all of the stuff on the Toy of the Week page - but I do have most of it.

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