Canon Links

The Canon Camera Museum is a wonderful place to explore the history and products, past and current, from Canon.

General Canon site for USA.

BeBit and the Canon Software Center where Canon posts new software updates and information for the digital cameras.

Other stuff: EOS system chart, complete lens lineup, and cameras.

Canon digital camera manuals or from the Austrailian site

Here's an excellent read on getting the most from a digital camera.  While a lot of it focuses on the series 1 cameras, there's alsog good general information.

If you want parts, call the Jamesburg, N.J. location at (732) 521-7230 between 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday.

Canon has updated the software that comes with the 10D (and other digital SLR's) and it's much much better than ZoomBrowser - EOS Viewer Utility - EVU.

And for the trinket collectors:

Canon Professional Services in Europe

Good Canon Stuff from others

So many places. Here's a few.

From the site is a Canon EOS beginners FAQ.

The Canon flash system can be complicated and confusing. Another Photonotes article - Canon Flash Photography - is becoming the de facto reference on how it works. More documentation at the EOS Documentations Project site.

For a numerical reference of lenses Photodo has lots, if somewhat dated, of information.

Two other sites maintained by individuals are Norman Koren and Roger Cavanaugh. These have many articles and reviews that have taught me much.

Here's a graphic illustrating the 10D Auto Focus points

Comparisons of different Canon cameras from Photozone and Photonotes.

How to clean the dust off of the image sensor on a 10D

Lots of parts manuals for Canon lenses and cameras

From Sport Illustrated their suggested settings for the 10D. They also list them for other Canon and Nikon cameras as well.

Manufacture date code for Canon lenses:

On the rear of the lens, a black baffle surrounds the rear element and has stencilled on it a code in the form: U?xxxx
where: U = the lens manufacturing plant (there are plant codes other than U but so far as I am aware all EF lenses are coded U - 'U' stands for Utsinomya (or Utsomia). It is located north of Tokyo and south of Fukushima).
? = a letter
xxxx = a four digit sequence

You are interested in the ? letter which is the date code and is on a repeating sequence which I started in 1960 with A.
So A to Z = 1960 to 1985
Then A restarts at 1986 to S which is 2004.
eg a lens coded UBxxx will have been manufactured in either 1961 or 1987, if it is an EF lens we can be sure that it was not made in 1961 so the manufacture date would be 1987.

The next 2 digits indicate the month of manufacture. The last 2 digits are a Canon internal code and may be omitted.

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